Cda Tri Team
Pool Etiquette
For all of you beginner lap swimmers (in a pool that is), there are a few spoken and unspoken rules to be aware of.

1) Sharing the lane with others.
  • 2 swimmers in a lane = split the lane (one person swims on left side, one swims on right)
  • 3 + swimmers = circle swim (counterclockwise). 
2) Are all lanes taken?  Jumping into a lane that's being used.
  • choose a swimmer that is at about your speed
  • BEFORE you get in their lane, make sure you let them know you're getting in to share. 
  • If they're mid-swim, dangle your feet in the water until they notice you.
3) Are you a faster swimmer than the other people in your lane?
  • Before you start a swim set: ask if you can go first
  • If you're in the middle of a swim set: gently touch their feet so they know you're right behind them.  Then wait for them to let you pass.
4) Are you a slower swimmer than the other people in your lane?
  • Before you start a swim set: offer to let the faster people go first
  • If you're in the middle of a swim set: if you're feet get touched mid-swim continue until you get to the wall, move to the very corner of the lane (where the lane line is), and let the person(s) behind you go in front.
5) Swim accessories.
  • Kick board - used to practice kicking
  • Pull bouy - floatie that goes between your thighs.  Used to help float your legs so that you can focus on other swim techniques (arm strokes, rotation, etc). 
  • Paddles/gloves - goes on your hands.  Used to help increase strength (CAUTION!  Can be hard on your shoulders so be aware of poor form or long distance and/or intense swimming with paddles)
  • Zoomers/flippers - worn on your feet.  Zoomers are short, harder fins; flippers are the longer, more flimsy-tipped fins.  Used to help with kicking. 
  • Jammers - men's swimming shorts (not trunks!).  They have short ones and mid-thigh ones.  Speedos are something different ;)
6) Swim terminology.
  • 25-50-75... - Typically a pool length (one end to the other) is 25 yards or meters (depending on the pool).  A 25 would just be down.  A 50 would be down and back.  A 100 would be down and back twice. 
  • 5 x 100 - This is an example of a set: 5 by 100s (swim 100yds 5 times) 
  • "On 1:00, 1:20, 1:45..." - This means that you have that exact amount of time to swim whatever set you're doing (and rest) before you have to start another round.  For example, "5 x 100 on 1:45" means that you have one min 45 sec to complete a 100.  If you complete the 100 in 1:35 you have 10 sec to rest before starting the next round.  If you complete the 100 in exactly in 1:45 than you have no rest before starting the next one. 
  • Stroke count - how many arm strokes it takes for you to go from one end to the other.
Hope this helps!  If we're forgetting something please let us know so we can add it on here :)